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vendredi 28 mars 2008

You must moderate your blog comments or you will be the next on the list!

I received a comment, this afternoon, on my blog from some « Barb Michelen ».

But before I approved this comment, I followed the link to see his profile.

When I found just “Barb Michelen”, on the profile section, things became more suspicious to me, even if his web page seems a regular sales letter.

So I typed “Barb Michelen blogspot” on Google, and here it appears that he's a blog spammer. He posted the same comment on several other blogs. The reactions to his comment aren’t favourable.

Take a look below at the 3 clipcasts. I’ve selected some blogger responses to the post of Barb Michelen.

"My advice for you : Moderate comments posted on your Blog"


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